Keeping Everyone Healthy in Ruwais City

Ruwais City Celebrates World Health Day

Ruwais City Celebrates World Health Day

April 9th, 2018: NMC Healthcare, the new operator of Ruwais Hospital, celebrated World Health Day in Ruwais on Sunday, 8th April, 2018. Earmarking the 70th anniversary of formation of World Health Organization, the theme for this year’s event was Universal Health Coverage.

As part of the event, NMC carried out free health screening for all visitors at Ruwais Mall. Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Levels were measured as part of the screening which was followed by a free eye test. 1,500 screening activities were carried out during the day and participants were handed out water flasks to encourage increased intake of water. The event was a follow up to the Open House conducted at Ruwais Hospital last month as part of NMC’s initiative to engage with the Ruwais community and promote preventative care.

The patients visiting the hospital were also pleasantly surprised on the day to be handed out apples by the Ruwais Hospital team in an effort to promote healthy eating habits among the Ruwais community. Several patients also volunteered to be surveyed as part of NMC’s initiative to measure their perception about health. NMC plans to utilize this information to customize its future preventative healthcare campaigns to suit the requirements of the community.

In line with this year’s slogan “Health for All”, NMC also conducted sessions for the Ruwais Hospital staff on how to stay healthy and fit. After a brief introduction of the theme for the year by Ms. Helen King, Chief Nursing Officer for NMC Healthcare, there were brief talks by Dr. Waheeba – Consultant Physician, Ms. Rhumana – Dietician and Mr. Hafizul Azad – Physiotherapist. The event highlighted a holistic approach to staying healthy and happy and was interspersed with several interactive games and prizes for the participants. The purpose of the session looked well served when everyone left the auditorium with a smile on their faces.

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