RuwaisTogether Community Projects Kick Off

RuwaisTogether Community Projects handed over to the community

27 September 2018| Its a beautiful day in Ruwais City! As the sun sets, new programs were introduced to the community: the Agricultural Plots, Viewing Decks, and Cricket Pitch.

“There was only one thing in our minds while getting the community projects ready for the community… To give the residents of Ruwais City a sense and feeling of being HOME”

- Mubarak Obaid Al Mansouri, Manager - Ruwais City Unit

Mr. Mubarak handed over the “Key” for the Community Projects to the members of the community and all attendees were very happy to receive and given a chance to finally have a contribution that will add value to the city which will last for years.

Mr. Mubarak started the event with a speech addressing the community members and thanking them for their enthusiasm to be able to contribute to the city followed by the ground breaking and initial tree planting which symbolizes the official opening of the Agricultural plots. The Viewing Decks construction near the Ruwais Water Tanks were handed over next. The residents gave the finishing touches to the Viewing Deck model by smoothing and applying wood stain. The other Viewing Decks will be built by the residents themselves with the supervision and support from Ruwais City Unit. Finally, the cricket pitch was handed over to the Cricketeers! A match was played right after the handing over with the Ruwais City Unit Manager joining and batting. the night ended with hot and cold refreshments courtesy of Ruwais City Unit. Certificates and Gifts were also given to the community volunteers.

In case you missed it, here’s a photo gallery of the event, and if you were there, you might find yourself in one or many of the snap shots! Oh, and we are gonna have another RuwaisTogether Community Projects for 2019! If you want to suggest or register to become a volunteer, just reach to us by following this link:

Photo Gallery:

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