Filipino Music Festival in Ruwais City

Filipino Families Gathering & Music Festival

Almost 500 attendees, young and old, celebrated Filipino Music in Ruwais City

Almost 500 attendees, young and old, celebrated Filipino Music in Ruwais City

15 July 2018 | Last June 29 was a momentous day indeed for ADNOC Ruwais-based Filipino families and some guests from Abu Dhabi, as they celebrated love for family and music during the “Family Gathering and Community Music Festival” event held at ADNOC Function Hall.

Approximately 500 attendees, including children, took part in fun-filled activities that promote strengthening family ties and camaraderie among members of the Filipino community in Ruwais. Musical performances also served as highlights of the said occasion, where different groups delivered entertaining song-and-dance numbers to the delight of the audience.

One group, in particular, danced to a medley of Original Pilipino Music songs that made everyone reminisce their good times in their homeland Philippines. Another, on the other hand, rendered songs that tackle the lives of overseas Filipinos and the hardships and sacrifices that they face just to provide for their families back home. A group of children sang songs of hope and inspiration as well.

As everyone already had their aural and visual senses fulfilled, well-loved Pinoy cuisines then took the spotlight to serve their gastronomic needs. Foods such as pancit palabok, beef kare-kare, bistek tagalog, puto and sago't gulaman, among many others, were served at the venue.

La Verdad Events Management, organizer of the upcoming concert of popular Filipino singer Morissette Amon, also graced the gathering where they grabbed the chance to promote the show “Morissette Is Made" to be held next month at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

“We hope that this kind of event will be held annually or, perhaps even, twice a year so that Filipinos here in Ruwais will be more familiar with each other and by being so we can do more to help our community,” Roger Antibo, one of the attendees, commented.

The “Family Gathering and Community Music Festival” was successfully done through the support of several overseas Filipinos in Abu Dhabi, UAE.