E-Waste Campaign & roadshow 8th & 9th January 2019

E-Waste Campaign & roadshow 8th & 9th January 2019.Recycle your Non-Functional Electronic Gadgets. To Know more please visit AL yas social center on Jan 8, 2019 at 10:00 am……….

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E-waste Campaign and Roadshow

Be part of this Campaign, and learn more about E-waste and their safe, environment friendly disposal.

Grab an opportunity to recycle your non-functional personal electronic gadgets.

Electronic waste (E-waste) refer to electronic products that are discarded either by completion of useful life or obsolescence. These include a wide range of items such as;

- Display equipment like TVs and computer monitor

- Computer and its peripheral

- Audio and stereo equipment

- VCRs , DVDs or Blue-ray Players

- Video camera or projectors

- Telephone, cellular phone or other wireless devices

- Fax, printer, scanner and copier machine

- Other miscellaneous electronic items

E-waste contain toxic heavy metal such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium as well as hazardous chemical such as brominated flame retardant. These can lead to contamination of soil and groundwater by way of leaching.

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