Geeks come to Ruwais

There's nothing more irritating than when you drop your cell phone and the screen smashes. Firstly a wave of annoyance hits you, then you realise it probably means a long trip to a dedicated repair store, and then there's the element of cost.

But this could soon be a thing of the past in Ruwais thanks to the arrival of Geeks into the city.
Offering on-demand technical and repair support, Geeks handles everything from phone or tablet repair and laptop support, to assistance setting up new software or emails.

All Geeks technicians are certified and 2-year guarantees apply on every repair the company undertakes.....that means if you face the same problem again inside 24 months they'll fix it for free. Book your chosen repair slot at today.

To mark Geeks'  introduction to the city, the company has teamed up with to offer readers an exclusive discount. Simply use the discount code RUWAIS to receive 50 AED off your first repair bill.

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